I always seem to be asking myself, "Who am I?"

Creative Strategist...Service Designer...Design Researcher...Visual Designer...UX Designer... I have been (and am) all of these things. I studied graphic design and worked in package design while in school; kicked off my professional life designing architectural signage programs, corporate showrooms, and exhibits (Environmental Graphic Design); and have spent the last decade+ crafting brand experiences through digital products and services, as well as software and device UI. I'm also an avid photographer, published travel writer, and independent book publisher. It can be disorienting. It can lead to daily identity crises. Especially because it makes "me" harder for others to understand; they don't know where to place me in a mental org chart. They don't know if/when my opinion is expert or just another opinion...because they may know me as one thing, but not the other(s). But this is the way the world is going...we designers are increasingly mashups of various disciplines that have traditionally been kept apart. I like to think of myself as a curious, well-rounded, open-minded designer who thinks about problems from a variety of viewpoints. Call it a quest to make the world a more delightful place, I am committed to the idea that even the smallest interaction with a brand, product, or service should be worth writing home about... And THAT happens when the entire experience has been considered and orchestrated like a melodic piece of music. A finely-tuned experience leaves an impression on people, and the most successful, evocative, rewarding experiences are those that consider every customer touch point. This is my grounding philosophy in the design approach I take for Service Experiences.