I write and photograph food, the odd and quirky places in our world, the comical travails of foreign adventure, and astronomical events experienced on planet Earth.

...But let's start from the beginning. I grew up in Ohio, collecting tadpoles from the perpetual puddle at the corner of my street and swinging from vines in the forest that surrounded my home. I believed I could control the weather, as on several occasions, thunderstorms erupted across the skies after I'd conducted a vigorous rain dance to avoid raking up cut grass. Once, a result of a self-given experiment, I almost caught the front yard on fire with a rusty can of lighter fluid I found in a ditch and a book of matches from the kitchen. Now, all grown up, my inquisitive nature and sense of adventure have led me to the San Francisco airport, and Asia, too many times to count. I spent a year traveling there and continue to return often, in addition to destinations in Latin America. I find it impossible to go someplace, find amazement, and then come home and keep quiet about it — this is why I write. I've been writing and photographing travel stories since 2003. Friends and family consider me a professional nomad, but my day jobs keep me at a desk. In addition to working as a freelance visual/interaction designer, I also run my own independent publishing company called Me No Speak. We make phrase books that do the talking for you. My stories have won numerous awards from Travelers' Tales and have appeared in Wend Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Transitions Abroad Magazine, viator.com, BootsnAll.com, and various other online publications. Lonely Planet and Bradt Travel Guides have also featured my writing.