A number of years ago, I set out for an adventure that took me to the other side of the world and away from  the stability of a home and a job—everything I knew—all to pursue a goal. That being, a year on the road in Asia, with my backpack and a rotating stack of guidebooks. I’m insatiably curious, and I wanted to learn more about the world. It was all at once challenging, exciting, intense, and inspiring. The experience energized me in many ways. If you’re wondering why I mention this trip here, it’s because there is so much in the motivation and the doing of it that also drive me professionally. I am goal-oriented, curious, and passionate about all that I set my mind to, and willing to take risks in order to capture opportunities and achieve goals—for myself, my employer, and my clients. I put these qualities in action every day as a creative leader at Sequence, in building our new business offering, Customer Experience; in motivating teams with humor, humility, and encouragement; and in working with clients to find solutions to challenging and nebulous business problems. Creative thinking is my business tool, and I know how to help others get out of the comfort zone to drive innovation. If you’re interested in grabbing coffee and talking shop (or travel), please send an email my way. Specialties: customer experience, service design, customer insights, creative direction, UX, design thinking methods, team building and management, project leadership, healthcare experience design, retail experience design